We offer a range of services here at Penguin that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Also keep in mind that we are not limited to what is listed so if there is something unique you require, please feel free to contact us. To see samples of our work, check out the media page.

VIDEO (HD Equipped)

Single or multiple camera shoots (up to 3 - live, scripted, location, studio, etc...)

Video editing and post-production

Titles, text and graphics

DVD menus and authoring

Output for DVD, web and broadcast

Stock footage

Green screen


Field recording

Voice over

Original music

Mixing and mastering (music, film, promo, commercial, etc...)


Concept development

Script writing

Talent acquisition

Shoot facilitation



CD/DVD duplication (up to 1,000 copies - short run orders available)

CD/DVD printing and packaging (disc printing, inserts, cases)

*Penguin Multimedia always keeps your original master on file.  When you need more.... no problem


Hi-8, VHS, MiniDV/DVCAM and DVD transfers

Project backup and storage